Greeting of Japanese country, Chiba Prefecture trade cooperative society, and chief director


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Chief Director's Greeting
Chiba Overseas Trade Coop Association
Chief Director
Koshibe Madoka

  Chiba Trade Cooperative was founded in 1960 and is an only one trade cooperative having 47 years history within Chiba prefecture.
  The original purpose of establishment was to encourage small and medium-sized enterprises to export-oriented and to promote export of Chiba products. By the transition of time its purpose was shifted to import and at present the Cooperative is composed not only of import or export-oriented companies but also other trade related companies.

The Cooperative members have common purpose to promote import and export, however business category of members is not all the same. Having different business category sometimes makes it difficult to put every need of members together, but it also means our multilateral strength as organization.

By the start of 21st century multi-nationalization of business is accelerated and borderless economy and society is growing further more rapidly.
  It is also a key to regional small and medium-sized enterprises like us to keep pace with the global trend for survival.

  Chiba prefecture where we are living is the most advancing area in Japan next to Tokyo and there still is great possibility. We are confident that our effort will develop a new road to success.

Chiba Trade Cooperative, though small in its scale and influence, fervently hopes to contribute to international mutual understanding through its business activities.


Postcode 261-7123 Chiba Trade Cooperative
2-6-1, Nakase, Mihama-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba-ken WBG Malibu yeast 23F
TEL 043(298)3951 FAX 043(298)3952

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